Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why help a child molester?

"Why help a child molester?" is a question that gets asked every so often.

The altruistic answer is that everyone deserves a fair trial.

While I do believe that, my answer is that I don't believe he is a child molester.

There is nothing to support the allegations other than the testimony of the alleged victims themselves.

The fact that there isn't any additional evidence in many cases doesn't bolster the credibility of the alleged victims, it just means you have to evaluate what evidence is there, and that evidence does not support their claims.

"Well, he was convicted." is the next thing people say. But the whole point is that he was wrongly convicted. He didn't get a fair trial. If he had a fair trial the first time he wouldn't need help now.

You can't refuse to help him get a fair trial because he wrongly convicted the first time around and is now labeled a child molester.

A conviction isn't proof positive that a person committed the act. Just ask the steady stream of people the let out of prison after being wrongly convicted.

Most were convicted of sex crimes and labeled as sex offenders. Had everyone said "Why help a rapist?" They would still be in prison.